OMG!' Form - Online Tabulation Dashboard

OMG!' Form - Online Tabulation Dashboard


Make the ‘OMG!’ Form Tabulation EASY

The proven 'OMG!' Form will help you zero in on issues right away.  Each individual assessment will provide details that will enable you to improve activities and events.

The compilation of this data will move your ‘OMG!’ Assessment to the next level. 

You can create your own data management system or subscribe to our simple online system that your staff can use for data entry or use to answer the 'OMG!' questions on their phones/devices.  Our system also provides a customized Data Dashboard that will keep you informed and allow you to track improvements throughout the summer as a result of your actions.

Your custom 'OMG!' Assessment System can be set up within 48 hours.

The Total Cost for the Dashboard (which can be used year-after-year) is only $99.00.

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