Connecting with Campers so They Are Excited to Return in 2018

Free Camp Marketing Webinar - Spring 2017 - from Travis Allison & Joanna Warren Smith


  • Joanna's Tips for connecting with this year's kids
  • The Camper Retention Overview
  • Pre-Camp
  • On Arrival
  • At the Closing of Camp
  • Travis' Tips: the Spirit of Welcome
  • Focus on Your Rituals
  • Rolemodel Engagement!
  • Teach your staff HOW to engage kids
  • "You'll be here next year, right?"
  • Learn the camper's name
  • Progression as campers get older
  • Where can you do rituals in a one day camp?
  • Monthly retention strategy
  • How to reach campers directly?
  • How do we start rituals at brand new camp?
  • What about rituals at day camp?
  • "Back dating" a new long-time camper recognition
  • What's your opinion about tiered pricing?
Travis Allison