Heads in the Beds / Butts on the Bus - (Free Webinar, Spring 2017)

Questions we talked about on this Webinar: 

  • Joanna's priorities for getting more kids to camp
  • Is email an example of "courting" a sale?
  • Prioritize the most effective sales
  • How often should I be "touching" parents gently?
  • How do we get kids to add more weeks?
  • 3 C's of Camp - Confidence, Character & Courage
  • How do we find more boy campers?
  • As a new Exec Director how do I get more kids now?
  • Show parents the adult in charge
  • Some advice about camp fairs
  • What to do if you don't have good marketing photos
  • Is it worth being in an online camp directory?
  • Beyond retention how do we get new campers?
  • How often is it ok to contact parents?
Travis Allison