Marketing Mondays


3rd Edition 2019-20 DIY 🛠️

'Marketing Mondays'

with Joanna Warren Smith & Travis Allison



The Camp Marketing Experts Will Help Increase Your Enrollment & Retention!

“With your ideas, our registration is up 53% over last year.”
Sports Camp Owner / Director


12-Month DIY 🛠️ Subscription: $240 (only until 6pm EDT, May 24, 2019)


Hundreds of camps throughout the country have increased enrollments and retention through the Month-by-Month Approach coached by Joanna Warren Smith and Travis Allison in the 1st and 2nd Editions of ‘Marketing Mondays’!

It’s the easiest and most manageable of strategies that works because it’s presented in bite size pieces that leverage promotional timing’ according to 1st and 2nd Edition subscriber, Ryan Reed, Director of Camp Takodah.

Now you can ‘Do It Yourself’ 🛠️ and take control of your 2020 recruitment strategy at an affordable price of only $20/month … until 6pm EDT, Friday, May 24, 2019.  

On the 1st Monday of every month, starting in September 2019, you’ll receive via email that month’s ‘Make It Happen!’ template, statistics tracking sheet and webinar recording.  

Simply schedule an hour with your team, view the recording together and then make a commitment to the one or two items that you will implement to increase retention and the number of new acquisitions.

Don’t Wait!  Register Today!  


Move confidently into summer, knowing that you’ll be ready to start 2020 marketing in September with the Camp Marketing Experts.


"We always come away from your webinars with some new marketing techniques or are reminded of what we need to keep doing!"

- Michaux Crocker, Director, YMCA Camp Cheerio


"We're very excited for the next webinar. We've already executed many of your ideas and are working on others!"

- Dov, Executive Director, NY


“Terrific & motivating webinars! You two make a great think tank.”

— Kevin, Day Camp Director, California


"Thanks for 'Marketing Mondays'. With your ideas, our registration is up 53% over this time last year. We're implementing everything we can from what we've learned from Travis and Joanna."  

- Kim, Sports Camp Owner, Ontario, Canada