Marketing Mondays

Marketing Mondays

with Joanna Warren Smith & Travis Allison



The Camp Marketing Professionals will help you Increase Your Enrollment!!


12-Month Subscription: $480 

Act now!  Make the decision to get a head start on next year’s marketing effort. There’ll be no more excuses about last-minute promotional decisions or not knowing what to do or when to do it.  

The experts will give you a game plan that will work.  Then it will be up to you and your team to make it happen.

Don’t wait … Register Today!  

Move confidently into summer, knowing that you’ll be ready to start 2018 marketing in September with the Camp Marketing Pros.

Each month, Joanna and Travis will present a 60-minute webinar to identify that month’s critical ‘must do’ items.  Proven methods and techniques will be featured to increase enrollments through five networks

  • 2017 Campers

  • 2017 Parents

  • New Acquisition Potential

  • 2018 Campers

  • 2018 Parents

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"Thanks for the Marketing Mondays session. With your ideas, our registration is up 53% over this time last year. We are implementing everything we can from what we've learned from Travis and Joanna. "

- Kim, Camp Owner, Ontario, Canada

"We are very excited for tomorrow's webinar, we have already executed one of your ideas and working on implementing two others!"

- Dov, Executive Director, NY


“Terrific and motivating webinars. You two make a great think tank.”

— Kevin, Camp Director, California

After the February webinar, I wanted you to know that we always pick up something new, or are reminded of why we should do things or what we need to keep doing!

- Michaux Crocker, Director, Camp Cheerio